In 2023, the City of Lachute will spend 7.25 per cent more than it did in 2022. On December 19, council adopted a $30.3 million budget for 2023, with an increase of $2 million in spending compared to 2022.

The average residential home property in Lachute is valued at $219,572. In 2023, the average tax bill for a residence with that property value will be $2,676, which represents an increase of 3.99 per cent, or $106.77, from 2022. The increase will also be 3.99 per cent for commercial and industrial property taxes, and it will be 3.73 per cent for buildings with six or more units. The average increases apply to properties in the urban area of Lachute.

The city reminds property owners they may pay their taxes in four instalments – on March 15, June 15, September 15, and November 15, 2023.

The budget was developed with a focus on sustainable development and providing direct services to citizens. As with every municipal budget across Québec, the high inflation rate posed a challenge for municipal administration in the development of the 2023 spending plan. However, no cuts to direct services to citizens are being made.

“Despite the inflationary context that affects all spheres of society, the council and the municipal administration have worked very hard to propose a budget that will allow us to provide all the services required by our citizens, while continuing the initiatives underway, without slowing down the economic dynamism of our city,” said Mayor Bernard Bigras-Denis.

Main priorities

Lachute council has unveiled its priorities for 2023.

The Lachute en Fête festival, which made its debut in 2022, will return in 2023. Other plans include leisure and cultural activities, beautification, and an additional $200,000 for street improvements.

Sustainable development is a major theme for council in 2023. Planned projects under this theme for 2023 include density-based land use planning, projects based on citizen participation in the budget, and public safety improvements first started in 2022.  

Lachute’s three-year capital expenditure program for 2023-2024-2025 represents a total investment of $73,787,400. Out of that amount, 43.6 per cent, or $32,200,900, is paid for by citizens. Grant funding covers the rest of the capital expenditures.

The municipal administration is also devoting particular attention to the optimization of internal processes and the implementation of an action plan to retain employees, improve productivity, and ensure the city of Lachute is an employer of choice.