The Vankleek Hill Sunshine Club for seniors was formed about 50 years ago by Vankleek Hill residents Georgina and Nettie Allen. The sisters started the club so that seniors would have a place to meet and socialize. Card games were a big part the fun for seniors and over the years, the club became primarily a euchre club.

But times have changed and as membership dwindled, club president Violet Shields said she polled the remaining 11 active members (the club at once time had 45 active members) and it was decided to close the club.  Shields has been involved for the past 14 years as vice-president and for the past eight years as president.

While she cannot point to one reason for the club’s closure, she said that many things have changed. Seniors may have enough social outlets without being part of this club, some prefer to stay home while others are very active and are not interested in this type of club.

“Nothing lasts forever,” Shields says. “We were happy to donate our remaining $610 to the Vankleek Hill Food Bank,” she ended.