Brownsburg-Chatham town council met on November 1 and a series of resolutions were adopted involving human resources, facilities, and planning.

Extended contract for Director-General

Brownsburg-Chatham Director-General Jean-François Brunet will continue to serve until 2026. Council has approved an extension of Brunet’s contract. Mayor Kevin Maurice said the extension demonstrates how Brownsburg-Chatham is led by a good team of administrative staff.

Brunet became Director-General of Brownsburg-Chatham in April 2021 and had previously served as the town’s Director of Development and Land Use Planning. Brunet’s contract was originally to expire in 2023.

Supplementary mayor

Council has appointed District 4 Councillor Martine Renaud as the Supplementary Mayor for 2023. Renaud will assume the role of mayor whenever Mayor Kevin Maurice is not available.

Renaud will also serve as Brownsburg-Chatham’s representative on the council of the Municipalité régional de comté (MRC) d’Argenteuil, whenever Maurice is unavailable.

Town hall renovations

Council approved awarding a contract to Robert Guertin Inc. for the construction of a new office at the town hall, at a cost of $17,450, plus taxes.

Extending Woodbine

A resolution to grant provisional approval to work to extend rue Woodbine in Brownsburg was approved by council. The street is being extended to facilitate the construction of the five-phase Quartier Woodbine housing development.

Construction is beginning on Phases A and B. Phase A will consist of 10 townhouses and two single family homes. Phase B will include six, six-plex townhouse buildings and two single family homes.

Gestion Or Concept Inc. of Mirabel is responsible for the Quartier Woodbine development.