By Christopher Brown
Special to The Review

Thank goodness that genius genie of popular pub poetry, Brunty, has once again slipped his moorings and is headed back to his beloved Windsor Tavern in Vankleek Hill.

The Windsor is looking lively and pristine after its spectacular new makeover. High tech, high design, bright chrome lettering street-side – and inside far more than a simple lick of paint.

Particularly at 3 p.m, on Saturday, November 26, when the ever erudite and oft irreverent weaver of words and wit, Brunty, returns to The Windsor to regale, amuse and inspire, with new works and crowd favorites .

Where else would you want to be on a numbing cold November afternoon than in the welcoming warmth of The Windsor with our very own regional, everyman everywoman and everything in between Banksy of the spoken word – Brunty! So come on down, bring your friends, get Grandma out of her rocker, share a glass or two – but most of all enjoy Brunty’s poetic amusing and thoughtful gifts of word play magic, before the genie slips back into the bottle once again!