To the Editor:

On Monday September 26, 2022, at approxiamately 4:30 p.m., my car broke down at the traffic light at the intersection of Highway 417 east and County Road 34. When the traffic light turned green, my car simply stayed put. Cars, trucks, horns blaring etc., creating an issue at the intersection.

A young paramedic student returning to Hawkesbury pulled over and stopped to offer us help. She made sure I had reached the towing service and then offered to drive my wife to our home with some bags, while I stayed behind with the car. This was greatly appreciated and got my wife away from this stressful situation.

We forgot to ask for her co-ordinates at the time, however, with the help of Joseph Allan, director at La Cité, the Good Samaritan student, was identified as Camille Brown-Ryan of Hawkesbury.

Barrels of thank you’s. Such actions will lead to a great career as a paramedic.

Richard and Claudette Charest

Vankleek Hill