To the Editor:

As a lifelong citizen of Vankleek Hill, I keep a keen eye on the look of our town, especially our Main Street.

This street is, in fact, our face to the world, and reflects our community identity of 225 years, as it formed a border of the Vankleek farm.  Our Main Street is showcased repeatedly in media of all types.

We are known as a red brick town and the gingerbread capital of Ontario. Both of these architectural elements began being applied enthusiastically in the 1850s: from local brick yards and from local sawmills, and continued to the 1920s.

As an architect, I am quite saddened by any attempts to rob us of red brick on Main Street. It appears that council and our public works department will be authorizing the removal and replacement of the red brick from Champlain Library’s front façade.

And there it is – one brick at a time, one wall at a time, our government is eroding Vankleek Hill’s red brick identity, as they remove piece by piece the history and charm of our town.

Politicians speak of vision. What is their vision to protect and promote the built-heritage of Vankleek Hill?

J. Denis Seguin, Architect