Thanks to a $15,000 investment from the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, SDG OPP officers will be equipped with new defibrillators that could aid in life-saving efforts by local police.

On October 4, the OPP and SDG Counties celebrated their continued efforts to ensure defibrillators remain an integral piece of equipment that officers have at their disposal while responding to calls for service. SDG is the only OPP detachment in Ontario that operates with defibrillators as part of the standard equipment officers bring with them on the road.

The SDG OPP detachment has included defibrillators in their cruisers for 20 years. As the equipment ages, the defibrillators are replaced with new models. This year 10 new defibrillators were purchased by SDG Counties for use by the local detachment. There are 22 units currently on the SDG OPP roster.

“SDG Counties and the SDG OPP detachment enjoy a broad relationship that allows us to augment our service levels with equipment like this,” said SDG OPP Detachment Commander Marc Hemmerick. “Officers have the ability to respond with emergency life-saving equipment like defibrillators, while waiting for assistance from our colleagues within the paramedic service. Thanks to SDG Counties and their investment we can ensure this equipment remains a fundamental component of our response capabilities into the future.”

SDG Counties Warden Carma Williams said the defibrillators add another layer of support that can often mean the difference between life and death.

“Our officers are some of the best in Ontario,” said Williams. “Often, they are the first service to respond to an emergency, when lives may be at risk. Adding defibrillators to cruisers means we can shorten the length of time it may take to respond to medical emergencies on-scene.”