The Township of Russell’s Fire and Rescue Services has two new tanker trucks. 

The identical tankers will replace the township’s former tanker trucks, which were 22 years old and nearing the end of their life span.   

The purchase was part of the Capital Projects for 2021 and 2022. The total cost of the two new tankers is $900,000. 

“While this is a large purchase, proper long term financial planning has allowed us the ability to maintain our high level of service, which in turn helps protect both our communities and those responsible with coming to our aid in the most difficult of times,” said Mayor Pierre Leroux.  

One of the tankers has been assigned to Station 1 in Embrun and the other to Station 2 in Russell. Thanks to having identical vehicle models, training and operating procedures are standardized across the department. Most firefighters within the Township of Russell’s Fire and Rescue Service team have already completed their training with the new equipment.  

Tanker trucks are primarily used for their large-volume water tanks, which supply the fire engine with adequate water on-scene. These multi-purpose trucks can also act as main pumpers, if required, thanks to a small pump as part of their design. 

 “I want to thank Council for their continued support and investment towards Fire and Rescue Services,” said Fire Chief Bruce Armstrong.

“The technology of these new tankers introduces a safer truck for our firefighters and maintains our outstanding service to the community,” Armstrong commented.