It was good news for local cyclists, as the Embrun Cycling Association and Club Richelieu Embrun jointly launched the project development of three mountain bike trails at a public meeting last Saturday, October 1, at the Tuque de broue brewery in Embrun.

The cycling association entered into an agreement with the Town of Russell three years ago to develop a bike path that runs through the wooded areas bordering the waterways of the municipality. The track now extends more than 16 kilometres, of which about four kilometres crosses Richelieu Park in Embrun.

Last spring, the Desjardins Ontario Community Development Fund launched a competition inviting community organizations to submit structuring projects. Club Richelieu Embrun submitted the mountain bike station project as part of this competition, at the end of which Desjardins Ontario granted a subsidy of $25,000 to the project. Representatives from Desjardins were on hand last Saturday to present a cheque for the funds to Club Richelieu Embrun and the Embrun Cycling Association.

Last Saturday’s event started with a ride covering the 16 kilometres of the cycle path and ending at the local brewery Tuque de broue around 2 p.m. David Ryan of the Embrun Cycling Association welcomed the cyclists and pointed out the presence of several landowners who host the mountain bike trail on their land, to whom he presented gifts of appreciation.

The project to create three mountain bike trails in Embrun received a grant of $25,000 from the Desjardins Ontario Community Development Fund. Submitted Photo