October is Canadian Library Month and all month long, libraries across Canada are raising awareness of the valuable role libraries play in Canadians’ lives. In addition to being a place to find books and other library materials, libraries promote cultural awareness, provide educational programs, support freedom of expression and so much more. One card represents one million possibilities

The First Nations Public Library Week is celebrated the first week of October to coincide with Canadian Library Month. First Nations Public Library Week is not only an opportunity to promote public library services but also to celebrate cultural uniqueness through creative library programming. Search the library’s catalogue for books with a reference to First Nations and celebrate diversity.

Ontario Library Week takes place October 16 to 22 and the Champlain Library is offering a chance for patrons to win a prize basket by taking out library materials. Every time a patron takes out a library item, their name will be entered into the draw.

Don’t have a library card yet with the Champlain Library? Register online on the library’s website at bc-cl.ca or call the library at 613-678-2216. Help celebrate Canadian Library Month with the Champlain Library!