To the Editor:

After reading Colin Affleck’s rant about Clarence-Rockland and how they have more in common with Ottawa than with us eastern Prescott-
Russell inhabitants, it reminded me of the booklet I had received on federal riding modification for Ontario.

I started looking at the actual changes in our present Glengarry-Prescott-Russell riding and I was shocked. I discovered that our riding would be greatly modified. Gone are all the country folks of North Glengarry Township, and they will be replaced by hordes of city dwellers from Ottawa.

The new riding would be called Prescott-Russell and extend much further into the city of Ottawa. Before, our riding’s western limits were Trim Road for a distance, then Tenth Line for another distance and finally Boundary Road for the rest of the way. Now the western limit of our riding would go much further into the city of Ottawa. It would go south of Innes Road, past Blackburn Hamlet Bypass, and further west as far as the intersection of Innes Road and the 417 (Near Costco). It would reach the southern limits of the proposed Ottawa-Vanier riding at Innes Road. So much for a country riding. The majority of voters will likely be city dwellers with concerns that override ours.

It would be nice if The Review put in their next paper edition side by side the maps of the current riding of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell and the new proposed riding of Prescott-Russell. I would also like to know how many residents (voters) we would be losing from North Glengarry township and how many new residents (voters) from the city of Ottawa would be added. (PS – A portion of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell would also be cut near the Ottawa river in the Trim Road/Tenth Line area and would be added to the riding of Orleans.)

To me it all looks like a lot of gerrymandering and I sincerely hope this new map doesn’t go through as such.

Marcellin Bougie