The Brownsburg High School Grade 1 class of 1953-54 held a wonderful reunion last Sunday afternoon (September 25) at the Brownsburg Legion Hall.

The group included members of the class hosting the reunion, plus former students from other years at Brownsburg High School, which closed in 1967. A display of photos and articles about the school and former students was available for visitors to enjoy, along with photos of the class and other students throughout the years. A cake specially made for the occasion was served along with refreshments.

The students from the 1953-54 group welcomed their former teacher Jill Clutsam Morrison, who taught them in Grade 3. She was 18 when she came to teach at Brownsburg High School.

The reunion at the Brownsburg Legion Hall included a historical display from Brownsburg High School that included a section on the Dalesville school.

Mary Vowles Duncan reads a special poem she wrote for the event. Photo: Reid Masson