The CommUnity RUN returned to Alexandria on Saturday, September 17.

According to Race Director Sophie Ranger, more than 300 people had registered to participate in the 10K, 5K, and 1K races to raise money for Community Living Glengarry and to promote inclusion and diversity in the community.

Community Living Glengarry provides support services for residents with intellectual limitations and helps them live full, active lives.

“I’m glad to see so many people here to support diversity and inclusion,” Course Director Glen Campbell told the crowd before the races began.

Ranger said the youngest participant in the 2022 CommUnity RUN was four years old, and the eldest participant was 82. The CommUnity RUN began in 2016 as Ranger’s idea.

“It was health and wellness, and I wanted to see more inclusion in the community.”

Ranger said she believes the run is fulfilling its goal of promoting diversity and inclusion.

Not everyone was running on their feet at the CommUnity RUN. Many participants were being pushed in wheelchairs or strollers. Several North Glengarry firefighters also took on the added challenge of completing the 5K and 1K races wearing full firefighting gear.

In total, 312 people participated in the 2022 CommUnity RUN. There were 145 participants in the 1K race, 129 participants in the 5K race, and there were 38 participants in the 10K race.

Ranger said 60 volunteers help make the CommUnity RUN possible and there is a six-member organizing committee. The amount raised at this year’s run for Community Living Glengarry is not yet known, but Ranger said past events have raised about $10,000 to $12,000 each year. The event was not held in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Any excess profits from the CommUnity RUN each year go to an enrichment program to help the lives of people supported by Community Living Glengarry.

1K racers leave the starting line at the Community Run in Alexandria on September 17. Photo: James Morgan