After a successful first edition last year, the Prescott-Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC) is relaunching the Prescott-Russell Colouring Book to mark Culture Days 2022 (September 23 to October 16).

Once again, CAPRAC is inviting artists from the region to contribute one or more drawings that represent their interpretation of the theme Our Story in Colour. The theme invites artists to reflect on the heritage that makes our region unique.

Thanks to the community who shared this project last year, 338 copies of the book were downloaded from CAPRAC’s website and 98 orders were placed during the month of Culture Days. Because the book was offered in PDF format (available here), it is safe to assume more copies of the book have been printed and shared.

Orders were received for the 2021 edition of the coloring book from not only Prescott-Russell and surrounding areas, but also from Southern Ontario and as far as Manitoba. CAPRAC’s Facebook posts about the project reached more than 5,000 people. The group’s Instagram post was also featured on the Culture Days’ Instagram story.

As CAPRAC launches the call for drawings for the second edition, organizers are counting on the community to spread the word and make this another successful community project. Any individual or group can contribute a drawing – Why not join in the fun yourself?

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