“We should name them all, aloud, call them by name, facing the river from where they came out in the 17th century, to bring us into this world and the entire Nation with us!” — Anne Hébert

Les Filles du Roy on Route Champlain

Until October 23, Ouimet Farm’s visitors can discover the history of the Filles du Roy, these 761 young women endowed by Louis XIV who, between 1663 and 1673, faced the perils of crossing the Atlantic to come and marry in Nouvelle-France.

Having become settlers’ wives, mothers and farmers, they left an invaluable legacy: their culture, their customs, their beliefs, their values and know-how as well as their beautiful French language. It is therefore not surprising that they are referred to as the “Mothers of the French-Canadian Nation”.

Les Drapeaux des Filles du Roy at Arbor Gallery

From September 1st, thanks to a collaboration with the Société d’histoire des Filles du Roy, the Arbor Gallery is hosting the exhibition Drapeaux des Filles du Roy. These banners are part of Projet Banderole 2023, created to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the arrival of the last contingent of Filles du Roy, honoring each of them with a flag bearing their name and some important dates and facts. More than 110 of these handcrafted banners will be on display.

Saturday, September 3: Two Filles du Roy will be on hand to share their knowledge with visitors and, who knows, help them discover the flag of one of their own ancestors.

Sunday, September 11: SHFR presents a genealogy and information day at Ouimet Farm.

Sunday, September 25: Franco-Ontarian Day, the “Voix de la Neufve France” choir presents a repertoire of period songs during which these Filles du Roy tell a few anecdotes about their arrival in Nouvelle- France. The show will take place in three parts, starting at the Saint-Grégoire Catholic Church, then at the Arbor Gallery and finally at the Ouimet Farm.

Founded in 2010, the Société d’histoire des Filles du Roy (SHFR) aims to give them back the place they deserve in the history of the French-Canadian Nation. www.lesfillesduroy-quebec.org

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