Did you know that the Champlain Library offers free library cards to anyone living in Champlain Township and East Hawkesbury? They are also free to every student who attends a school in Champlain Township regardless of their home address. This is a big incentive for kids to choose books from the library and read.

There is also an extra incentive to sign up for a library card during the month of September. Everyone who signs up in September will receive a cell phone cradle or a bracelet and have their name entered into a weekly draw for a chance to win a book and a pass to Ouimet Farms. Don’t have a library card yet? Go to the library’s website at bc-cl.ca to complete an online membership form. Library staff members look forward to helping you get started to explore your gateway to knowledge.

September is also when adult programming begins to be offered in person at the library. The adult knitting and genealogy clubs take place on the first and second Wednesday of the month respectively. The English fiction book club will meet on September 12 and the English non-fiction book club will meet on September 22. The Astronomy club will meet on September 27, the last Tuesday of the month. For more information or to register for an adult program at the Champlain Library visit bc-cl.ca.

The library is also offering Back to School book bags for kids returning to school after a fun-filled summer. There are several to choose from, and are filled with educational games, activity pages, maps, a binocular craft and picture books. The book bags are available in both English and French. Don’t delay, loan one today.

For more information about the programs or services offered by the Champlain Library visit bc-cl.ca or call 613-678-2216.