The United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) is working on a way of again making it possible for farmers to send large pieces of plastic waste away for recycling. 

“The most recycled farm plastics are bale wrap and plastics used for silos,” Director of Economic Development and Tourism told UCPR Council on June 22. 

Lavigne said the UCPR Economic Development Committee has chosen to recycle agricultural plastics, but service has not been available since March of 2022 when the previous arrangement with Recycle Action ended. Lavigne explained the UCPR has been in discussions with an organization called Cleanfarms/Agrirécup about restoring the service. Cleanfarms/Agrirécup is a not-for-profit national organization that establishes programs that help farmers contribute to a healthy environment and create tangible ways of managing farm waste. 

Lavigne explained that large bags could be provided for the materials to be taken to two collection sites. The program would be primarily managed by participating municipalities, but the UCPR could choose to provide additional funding. 

“We’ve had a lot of discussions on how to set this in place with the municipalities,” said Director of Public Works Jérémie Bouchard, who also provides administrative guidance to the UCPR Waste Management Committee. Discussions have taken place with municipalities about the pricing scale. 

Cleanfarms/Agrirécup already has collection sites in Prescott and Russell, Stormont-Dundas and Glengarry counties, and the rural area of Ottawa for recyclable plastic jugs, drums, totes, and bags for seeds, pesticides and inoculants used by farmers, but not for other agricultural plastics, such as bale wrap or those used for silage.