On Saturday, August 6 , organizers and locals got together under the hot, summer sun for a barbecue at the Hawkesbury dog park, located at 741 Philippe Street from 11 a.m. through to 2 p.m. – with hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and cold beverages available for purchase.

“A successful BBQ because of the generous volunteers, who gave their time – the people from the community with or without dogs, who came to buy hot dogs and hamburgers,” said Nadia Langevin,  president of the Parc Canin de Hawkesbury, regarding what made the event such a success. “A big thank you to Nick’s Rental BBQ Rotisserie Mechoui for providing us with the necessary equipment for this fundraiser.”

The goal of the barbecue fundraiser was to raise funds for the purchase of new gazebos and a shed for the dog park, as the previous ones were destroyed by the spring storm. Proceeds from the fundraiser will go directly towards the gazebos and sheds, along with poop bags, chairs, tables and paint – crucial for the cleanliness and maintenance of the dog park.

Those who wish to make a donation to the cause can contact treasurer and event organizer Marc-Olivier by phone at 613-292-3263. or by email at [email protected]