On Sunday, August 21 at the Vankleek Hill Fair, Geoff Hudson is planning to do 700 push-ups in an hour in front of an audience.  Hudson, 65, of Vankleek Hill will be doing his push-ups at around 4 p.m. following the first set by band band Mariner’s Curse in the Show Barn.

“Only an Oakland Raiders fan would be crazy enough to take on this challenge,” joked Hudson, regarding his upcoming push-up challenge.

According to Hudson, everyone is welcomed to join in on the fun – by joining alongside him and doing a few push-ups.

“As a Senior Director of the Fair Board, we are pleased to have Geoff attempt his push-up challenge during our Sunday line-up. It’s for a great (local) cause, and as a Vankleek Hill native he’s bound to draw a great crowd. We’re looking forward to it,” said Steve Barton, of the Vankleek Hill Agricultural Society Fair Board.

Hudson credits his 16-year-old daughter Jenna and his Golden Retriever Maui as his motivators. Some days, the weather didn’t hold up and made training seemingly more difficult.

“Holy smokes it’s raining out there, looks like a rest day, eh Maui?,” remarked Hudson, reminiscing about rainy days putting a damper on training.

“On rainy days, I would encourage my dad – telling him to get out there, regardless of rain, or shine and get at least 300 push-ups in,” Jenna said.

Hudson extended a lighthearted invitation to those curious about his push-up challenge.

“Come out and watch a crazy 65-year-old man grind out 700 push-ups, all for a great cause!” he said.