In Vankleek Hill, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon with just enough breeze to keep the horses and the spectators cool and comfortable.  Spirits were high this past Sunday, at the prospect of the first horse and buggy parade in three years! The turn-out was good. Half the freshly-painted grandstand was full. The rest of the crowd was spread throughout the village, waiting for the horses. Chairs on the sidewalks, faces at windows, all waiting for the promised parade of horses and buggies.

And then nothing! The parade could not go onto the streets.

Parade organizer, Samme Putzel of Excellent Events, demonstrated creativity and a love of parades, by redirecting the many horses, buggies and riders in a scaled down version on the fairgrounds.

Where was the municipal support that this parade has enjoyed regularly in past years? What a disappointment!

Will this be the case for future parades? Have we enjoyed our last village parade? I certainly hope not. They have become a welcome fixture in our community.

Heather Meyer,
A lover of parades,
Vankleek Hill