The Truck Pull Show ‘N’ Shine in was a huge success last Saturday (June 25), attracting more than 1,500 spectators to watch the action at the Vankleek Hill Fairgrounds under beautiful, sunny skies.

After a two-year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s event was bigger than ever, with with live music, food and more than 60 competitors registered for the pulling competition. Most importantly, everyone had a great time.

“Everyone I talked to really liked the event and said they will be back next year,” said Cory Nixon, who helped organize the day.

The Truck Pull Show ‘N’ Shine is organized by a small team that is part of the Vankleek Hill Agricultural Society and organizers were thrilled with the spectator turnout and number of entries. Most important was the work of the many volunteers, who manned the gates, watered and groomed the track throughout the pull competition and helped with all other aspects of the event.

“This event wouldn’t be possible without all the volunteers throughout the day,” Nixon said. “From working the gates, the show ‘n shine, bartending, and the pulling track. Lots of hands makes easy work!”

From setting up the truck displays to the pull, the event is a lot of work for volunteers, Nixon said

“But it’s rewarding when the show starts and the stands are full.”

The Show ‘N’ Shine was a chance for truck owners to show off their trucks, which could be visited by members of the public. For the most part, these trucks are hauling goods across North America or are at work in construction or at other work sites but for this one day, all trucker-operators and their trucks had to do was shine.

Prizes were be given out for the various categories, which included: Working Highway Truck, Vocational|Dump Truck, Best Looking Fleet (3+ trucks), Truck and Trailer Combo, Best Paint, Best Chrome, Antique Trucks and People’s Choice.

Class results 2022 Truck Pull

Modified Highway Truck – 1. Mario Banville 2. Nicolas Francoeur 3. Mario Laporte

Stock Highway Truck – 1. Maxime Tremblay 2. Becky Layer 3. SC Lavoie

Diesel Trucks 7500 lbs – 1. Shane Kirby 2. Keegan MacDonald 3. Alex Vachon

Diesel Truck 8500 lbs – 1. Shane Kirby 2. Françoise Normande 3. Alex Vachon

Diesel Truck 9500 lbs – 1. Françoise Normande 2. Samuel Boisvert

Diesel Truck 10500 lbs – 1. Samuel Boisvert

Gas Truck 6500 lbs – 1. Christian Ouellette 2. Mel Smallman 3. Cameron Mantle

Gas Truck 7500 lbs – 1. Christian Ouellette 2. Brandon Fenton 3. Cameron Mantle

Pro Stock Tractor 7500 lbs – 1. Ryan Foley 2. Cory Nixon

Pro Stock Tractor 9500 lbs – 1. Olivier Lauzon 2. Cory Nixon

8000 Lbs Open – 1. Mike Wilson 2. Tim Noonan 3. Paul Davis

Single Engine Modified Tractors – 1. Paul Davis 2. Pat Carty 3. Chris Davis

4×4 Modified Truck 1. Jo Toupin 2. Dwayne Newans

2wd Modified Truck – 1. Curtis Shea 2. David Scully 3. Mark Stanton

Dump Truck – 1. Bert Fleury

The Show ‘N’ Shine was a chance for truck owners to show off their trucks, which could be visited by members of the public. Photo: Reid Masson

Event organizer Cory Nixon also competed in the pull competition finishing second in both the Pro Stock 7500 and 9500 pound divisions. Photo: Reid Masson

Jason Sparling, from Richmond, Ontario, put on quite a display with his modified tractor. Photo: Reid Masson


Photo: Reid Masson

Both the main grandstand and the temporary bleachers at the fairgrounds were filled with spectators. Photo: Reid Masson