To the Editor,

I would like to express my indignation at the latest decision by the SCOTUS on abortion rights. The decision that was made to strike down Roe v. Wade is one that is so wrong on so many levels. The decision struck down a woman’s right to an abortion and gave every state the right to make their own laws concerning abortion.

Roe v. Wade has stood for 50 years and one would be led to believe that it would always stand and never go back to the days prior to it. Let us all, in Canada, and all over the world, make our feelings known to our governments and our leaders that a woman’s right to make decisions when it is her body is paramount and no court or legislative body should hold that it is not.

It was indeed a very sad day seeing Roe v. Wade struck down. Let us all work to make sure that women’s rights are not left to a Supreme Court that is not answerable to the voters. Please send a letter to your MP, MPP, Prime Minister and stand up for the right of women to have control of their own bodies.

Thank you,

Mike McGurk
Vankleek Hill