The village of Grenville and Grenville-sur-la-Rouge celebrated Fête nationale/St-Jean-Baptiste with community festivals on June 24. In Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, the party took place at Parc Paul-Bougie in Calumet, and the village of Grenville festivities were held at Parc Normand-Woodbury. Early on Friday evening, a small parade organized by the Maison des jeunes youth centre made its way through Grenville.

Chansonnier Alexis Arbour entertained at the Grenville Fête nationale celebration with a full range of Québécois songs. Photo: James Morgan

The Grenville parade was organized by the Maison des jeunes youth centre. Maison des jeunes volunteers danced in the streets along the parade route. Photo: James Morgan

The pink unicorn really entertained Fête nationale parade spectators in Grenville. Photo: James Morgan

The Fête nationale celebration in Grenville ended with fireworks at Parc Normand-Woodbury. Photo: James Morgan