Cab fares in Hawkesbury have increased for the first time in nine years. 

Hawkesbury Taxi wrote a letter to the Town of Hawkesbury early in the spring of 2022 to request an increase. At the May 30 council meeting, the letter was discussed, and councillors agreed the request was acceptable. 

“The taxi rates in Hawkesbury have not changed since 2013,” remarked Mayor Paula Assaly. 

Hawkesbury Taxi is facing a 15 per cent insurance increase, along with higher fuel and repair costs.   

Previously, the rate was $3.50 for the first 100 metres of a trip and 17 cents for every succeeding 100 metres ($1.70 per kilometre). Cab waiting fees were 17 cents per 17 seconds and $37.80 per hour. There was also a cleaning fee of $21.60 in the case of passenger negligence. 

Hawkesbury Taxi requested a new fee structure with $4.00 to start a trip and then $2.10 per kilometre. The fees for waiting and cleaning would remain the same.  

“I find this very reasonable,” Councillor Lawrence Bogue said. 

Councillor Robert Lefebvre agreed.   

“I have no objection to approving this request.” 

On June 13, council approved amendments to the taxicab tariff and fare by-law to reflect the request made by Hawkesbury Taxi. The new rates took effect immediately.