The Mana Centre in the Larose Forest has celebrated its first anniversary.  

An event to mark the occasion was held on June 18 at the Mana Centre, which is a mountain bike and fatbike rental facility and social enterprise located at the Larose Forest welcome centre near Limoges.  

While the event was meant to celebrate the first anniversary, Mana Centre co-owner Emmanuelle Larocque said there were also more specific reasons for the celebration. She wanted to bring the community together, create connections with other local, eco-conscious businesses and organizations, and create an opportunity for mountain bike and nature enthusiasts to meet other people with common interests.  

Totem Coffee Roasters from Vankleek Hill provided coffee, young local artist Crochet par Cloé was there to sell her new Larose Forest collection of crochet animals, and Eco East representatives discussed the importance of local biodiversity. Along with the Ottawa Mountain Bike association, The Mana Centre offered free guided mountain bike rides on trails through the forest. 

Mana Centre owners Emmanuelle and Jean-Sébastien Larocque are both social workers who integrate nature, mental health, recreation, and nature into their work.  The Mana Centre offers mountain bike rental and repair services at P1 of the Larose Forest, and customers can buy bike gear and parts in the shop. The centre also offers teambuilding and school/group activities, as well as mountain bike skill training.  

The Mana Centre is located adjacent to P-1, on Indian Creek Road in the Larose Forest. However, that section of road is only accessible by using Limoges Road (Prescott and Russell County Road 5) or Saumure Road (Ottawa Road 37). 

Complete Mana Centre information is available at and Larose Forest information is available at .