The Ville de Lachute has unveiled a project initiated by an LGBTQ+ group from two local high schools to celebrate Pride month, which takes place throughout June. The project consisted of painting the front sidewalk leading to the Bibliothèque Jean-Marc-Belzile library in the colors of the Pride flag.  

Mari Chalifoux, a trans artist from Montréal, was hired by the municipality to design a work to be painted on the sidewalk, with the help of students from the LGBTQ+ community of LRHS and École polyvalente Lavigne.  

For her artistic creation to adequately represent the vision of young people, Chalifoux went to meet them at the beginning of May to learn about their journey, their requests, and their ideas of a visual representation of the LGBTQ+ community.  

Chalifoux shared the creative process with the young people during the design of the work and offered them four graphic compositions from which they voted and chose the work to paint. The production of the work on the sidewalk leading to the library from rue Principale took place on May 30 and 31 with the help of the students. 

During the week of June 6, students from Laurentian Regional High School will paint an adaptation of the LGBTQ+ inclusive flag on the back sidewalk leading to the library. 

“We want Lachute to be an inclusive city and we are proud that young people have approached us to put the colours of their community on our sidewalks. For us, this is a gesture that symbolizes in an original and vibrant way the spirit of inclusion that is desired in our population. The city is proud to see young people get involved and want to partner with us as part of Gay Pride month,” said Mayor Bernard Bigras-Denis. 

The artwork on the sidewalk displays a narrative which recounts, in an explosion of shapes and bright colors, a whole path of life.  


The search for a balance that is necessary to go on an adventure. How do I feel in my body? A big question for people who have non-standard gender identities. You throw a rock and then plant a seed.  

The Growing Flower 

It takes a while for a flower to grow: to flourish, it will need just enough sun, just enough water and fertile soil. The immediate surroundings of someone from the LGBTQ+ community will dictate how fast and how they can show their colors.  

The Labyrinth 

Sexuality like gender is fluid, it can be difficult to navigate: you hit walls, you change direction, and you can retrace your steps. We often don’t know what our final destination will be. Discovering who we are and who we love is an adventure.  

The Sun 

Every morning, the sun rises to make us grow and allow us  to move in a direction full of life.