Beginning in July, firefighters in Brownsburg-Chatham will be able to act as Level 2 First Responders (PR-2). 

The structure of two PR-2 firefighters per shift will allow a rapid response time for people struggling with cardiorespiratory arrest, anaphylactic shock or any other traumatic situation, which will significantly increase the chances of survival. 

Through this service, rapid access to defibrillation considerably increases the chances of survival for patients. First responders will be able to intervene quickly when a cardio-respiratory arrest is reported to them, while the ambulance services are on site and take over.  

The addition of Brownsburg-Chatham will bring the number of municipalities in the Laurentides region with first responder services to 24 and is in addition to the eight companies providing ambulance paramedic services across the region.   

Initial 32-hour training and recognition of prior learning leading to PR-2 certification was provided by paramedic-instructors from the CISSS des Laurentides regional health authority. This team also ensures the continuous improvement of the quality of interventions and periodic training follow-up. PR-2s must participate in two four-hour upgrade sessions per year.