Good question. The Virus is hanging in, supposedly not dangerous (?), but still very active. Politically the politicians have moved on, as the interest is no longer high on COVID-19 amongst potential voters. .

Health Care facilities are not allowing visitors etc., but I am not sick so why worry?

A fair part of Europe is being destroyed via, what I consider, are violent acts. Politicians around the planet are all scandalized, upset. They are so upset they keep placing economic sanctions on one of the aggressor countries. Lot of words, lot of promised funding (key word is promised), sending armaments (wow guns with no bullets!), and decades old munitions.

Canada is a very small country in world affairs. Lots of geography but also lots of scarcely uninhabited areas. Our leader keeps on making threats on one aggressor and that scares me. The aggressor, it is felt, may be irrational and unpredictable so why does Pierre’s kid keep making threats and innuendoes towards Russia. I have no desire for Canada to potentially be the target of a guided missile attack due to what really is empty threats that we can’t back up.

Elections are around the corner. When? Soon – not sure when. What election? Schoolboards? No, provincial – you know where Doug Ford works. Is he not the mayor somewhere? No, he’s the boss of Ontario.

We must vote for a new provincial representative in our region. Do we have one now? Yea it’s Amanda Simard apparently. What party? Originally she was a Conservative – or so we all thought – then an Independent, and now she supposedly a Liberal. What has she done for us in office? Kept changing offices and party logos on the front door – that we know.

Wassup? Who cares?

Richard Charest

Vankleek Hill