Mother’s Day is a special time to honour motherhood throughout the world and the Champlain Library has many literary inspirations to help celebrate.

A mother is priceless in terms of her countless love, dedication and devotion towards her family. So treat yourselves and indulge in a good book, read a magazine or two, watch that movie you’ve been wanting to for weeks, or listen to a CD from your favourite artist. The library has you covered with these items from its collection to help soothe your soul or to get inspired.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous Mother’s Day gift for your kids to make this year, the Take and Make craft on May 5 is tulip pot cards. The flower pot craft is an easy craft for kids to make for their Mom or Grandma, and she will adore the special message inside the pot when she opens it up on that special day.

So whether you are a mother, are celebrating your mother, or are an expectant mother; remember to check out what the Champlain Library has in its collection to help make Sunday, May 8, a special day.

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