Spring weather means weekend garage sales for homeowners wanting to get rid of items and bargain hunters who just cannot get enough stuff. 

In order to prevent garage sale privileges from being abused and neighbourhoods looking like continuous flea markets, some municipalities require garage sale permits and place limits on when and how many garage sales residents may have. 

Champlain Township 

Anyone having a garage sale in Champlain Township must have a permit. The only exception is Trash and Treasure in Vankleek Hill, the town-wide garage sale that takes place this year on Saturday, June 4.  

The fee per property for a first garage sale of the season in Champlain is $5. After that, the fee increases to $30 per garage sale.

No garage sale may run for more than three consecutive days and must not be held on municipal property, which includes the sidewalk or street in front of house. Only personal property may be sold at garage sales in Champlain Township. For more information, go to https://www.champlain.ca/en/township-services/commonly-requested-bylaws.aspx . 


A permit is required to have a garage sale in the Town of Hawkesbury. The cost is $10 for two consecutive days. Two garage sales per year are authorized per household. 

Council has also been granting two free garage sales per year, during the last weekend of May and Thanksgiving long weekend in October. Check the town website for confirmation as this may change without notice https://www.hawkesbury.ca/…/certificates…/garage-sales .  

In Hawkesbury, it is forbidden to post garage sale signs on utility poles, public properties, and on private properties other than where the garage sale is being held. 

For any questions, please contact the by-law officers at 613 632-0106. To obtain a permit, go to the Town Hall at Door 1. 

East Hawkesbury 

Property owners in East Hawkesbury must have a garage sale permit. They are available for $10 each from the township office in St-Eugene and online at https://formulaire.easthawkesbury.ca/Garage-Sale/Garage-Sale . 

Permit-free garage sale weekends take place in East Hawkesbury on June 4 and 5, and July 2 and 3.  

Alfred and Plantagenet 

Garage sales in the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet are restricted to certain days and times. They are: 

  1. On the first complete weekend of the month of May, June, July, August, September and October starting on the Friday evening (after 5 p.m.), Saturday and Sunday; 
  1. During the month of May: starting on Friday evening (after 5 p.m.), Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of the Victoria Day weekend; 
  1. During the month of August: starting on Friday evening (after 5 p.m.), Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of the Civic Holiday weekend; 
  1. During the month of September: starting on Friday evening (after 5 p.m.), Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the Labor Day weekend; (By-Law 2015-73) 

Garage sales in Alfred and Plantagenet are permitted at any time if they are part of community events and festivals. 

Village of Grenville 

Residents may hold a maximum of three garage sales per year free of charge. Two may be held on any dates the resident chooses, and one may be on the Victoria Day/Fête des patriotes long weekend in May.  


Permits are required for garage sales in Brownsburg-Chatham. Permits may be obtained from the municipal planning and development department for $10.

Garage sales in Brownsburg-Chatham are permitted on Saturdays and Sundays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Two garage sales can be held per year at the same site or by the same person.  

In addition to the two authorized annual garage sales, residents may have two other garage sales annually, without a permit, at the same site on the Victoria Day/Fête des patriotes weekend and Labour Day weekend.

For more information, call 450-533-6687 ext. 2830 or email: [email protected] . 


Lachute residents must have a permit to hold a garage sale. The permits cost $50 and are available from the municipal urban planning department. The number of garage sales authorized per calendar year is one per dwelling and a maximum of two per property comprising several dwellings.  

A garage sale in Lachute is authorized to continue for a maximum of two consecutive days. In the event of rain, it may be postponed with authorization of the city.   


Municipal permits are required for garage sales in St-André-d’Argenteuil. For more information, call the municipal office at 450-537-3527.