The United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) spent a total of $323,897 on salaries, travel, and conference expenses for its council members in 2021. The remuneration paid by the UCPR to council members is separate from what each mayor receives in remuneration from the municipality they represent. 

Alfred and Plantagenet Mayor Stéphane Sarrazin’s remuneration was the highest, at $63,852. Sarrazin was the 2021 UCPR Warden and therefore had extra responsibilities. He was paid the warden’s base salary of $61,694, plus $1,984 for conference and reimbursements of expenses, and $174 in reimbursed travel expenses. 

Casselman Mayor Daniel Lafleur was paid $38,943 for his UCPR role in 2021. He received a base salary of $36,390 for his councillor and committee service, $2,293 for conferences and reimbursement of expenses, and $260 in reimbursed travel expenses. 

The third highest remuneration for a UCPR council member in 2021 was paid to La Nation Mayor François St-Amour. He was paid a total of $38,831, which includes the $37,675 base salary, along with $988 for conferences and expense reimbursements, and $168 for travel expenses. 

For his role on UCPR council in 2021, Russell Township Mayor Pierre Leroux was paid a base salary of $36,226 and $763 in reimbursed expenses and for conferences. Leroux was also paid $377 for travel expenses, for a total UCPR remuneration of $37,366. 

Champlain Mayor Normand Riopel’s total UCPR remuneration in 2021 was $37,125. That amount includes $98 Riopel received for travel expenses. He did not receive any remuneration for conference and expense reimbursements from the UCPR in 2021. 

In 2021, East Hawkesbury Mayor Robert Kirby received $36,390 in remuneration from the UCPR in 2021. Kirby’s amount includes $163 for reimbursed travel expenses but no remuneration for conferences and other expenses. 

Hawkesbury Mayor Paula Assaly’s UCPR remuneration in 2021 was the lowest amount of any mayor who served the full year on council. She received a base salary of $35,747 and just $38 for travel expenses, resulting in a total of $35,785 for the year. 

Clarence-Rockland had three mayors in 2021. Prior to his death on July 3, late Mayor Guy Desjardins had been paid $17,377 as the city’s UCPR representative. Councillor Michel Levert was appointed Interim Mayor and received $6,226 for his short time on UCPR Council.

On August 27, Mario Zanth was appointed as the permanent Mayor of Clarence-Rockland. Zanth received a base remuneration of $11,766 from the UCPR in 2021 and $236 for travel expenses.