Community organizations in the Town of Hawkesbury now have a more flexible deadline to apply for financial support from the town. 

On February 14, council agreed to amend the contribution policy to allow organizations to continue to be eligible to apply for financial support from November 1, until the available funds are exhausted. Previously, the final deadline to apply was November 30. 

According to a report from Director of Recreation and Tourism Samuel Cardarelli, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused several obstacles for organizing and managing community events and activities, and some organizations have not yet indicated what their needs are for 2022. The report states many organizations have depleted funds and a lack of volunteers as a result of the pandemic and the changes to the policy will allow organizations to continue to make requests to the town for financial support. 

The motion to change the policy governing municipal contributions to community organizations was moved by Councillor André Chamaillard and seconded by Councillor Lawrence Bogue.