After a two-year hiatus, Vankleek Hill’s popular town-wide yard sale called Trash and Treasure is scheduled for Saturday, June 4, 2022.

Pandemic restrictions during the past two years lead to the event being cancelled, but Louise Sproule, who organizes the event under the auspices of the Vankleek Hill Business and Merchant Association (BMA), hopes that 2022 will mark the return of the event for its 20th edition.

“I have contacted the Eastern Ontario Health Unit, which said to proceed with planning and to contact them about a month ahead of the event date. At its last regular meeting, Champlain Township waived the requirement for a garage sale permit for this day. And the BMA has given the go-ahead to proceed with the event,” notes Sproule.

The popular event attracts thousands of people and always takes place on the first Saturday in June. Sproule secures permission from business owners along Main Street to use their parking lots, or frontage to host vendors from out of town for the day. In exchange for their 10 x 10 spots, out-of-town vendors  pay $25 per spot but must bring their own tables.

Sproule attributes the success of the event to how easy it is for local residents to hold a garage sale on this day.

“People can sell whatever they have in their own yards and even if they don’t have a lot to sell, the BMA has advertised the event to attract thousands of people to town. We also encourage property owners to invite friends from out of town to set up shop at their homes, making it a fun day to spend with friends when you both hold a garage sale together. Another plus is that no one needs to obtain a garage sale permit for the day and there is the assurance that there will be a lot of buyers for your sale. It’s quite different if you host a yard sale on your own. All of the advertising is up to you and you won’t have the draw that this event has,” says Sproule.

The BMA charges out-of-town vendors a small fee of $25 for those who want a preferred spot along the town’s Main Street.

“The BMA pays for advertising for this event and we organize portapotties for the day. The event does have costs associated with it. So we really appreciate donations from anyone who has had a successful day and we appreciate that vendors who book space in the parking lots we have secured from local businesses pay us a small fee for their sales spot,”  explains Sproule, who adds that the advertising support, flyers distributed door to door in Vankleek Hill ahead of the date, and telephone support for inquiries and advance payment for out-of-town vendors are all donated by The Review (Sproule is the publisher of The Review).

She reminds out-of-town vendors that they should call 1-877-678-3327 to reserve and pre-pay for their $25 spaces along Main Street.

“We have had a few instances in the past where folks just arrive Saturday morning and unload their stuff in front of someone’s business, but it doesn’t work that way,” she explains.

“We encourage businesses to join in on the fun, by hosting a not-for-profit group holding a garage sale, or by holding a sidewalk sale. It’s a great way to connect with people and tell them about your business or invite them in to shop. It’s all about rolling out the red carpet and showing people what a welcoming community this is.”

If you have questions or need information, you can email Sproule directly here: [email protected].