There will be some construction action at the south end of Vankleek Hill in the spring and summer of 2022 as work for two new housing developments gets underway.

A pre-serving agreement has been approved by Champlain Township for the Cliftondale Construction Co. Ltd. subdivision, which will see construction of two public streets (Lorrie and Hibbard). The work will consist of drainage works, pond and storm sewers, utilities, water mains, including lateral connections and sanitary sewers along with the application of granular B material associated with the work.

Construction work outlined above for Phases I and II will begin as soon as possible, following the few months it will take to register the pre-servicing agreement.

This development will consist of 21 single dwellings, as well as five lots for 10 semi-detached dwellings and a larger lot with frontage on County Road 10 for either apartment housing or a condominium development.

A pre-servicing agreement differs from a subdivision agreement in that it does not allow for the registration of plans or the sale of any lots. After a subdivision agreement has been executed and the required terms and conditions for building permits have been met, lots can be sold and building can proceed.

The pre-servicing agreement calls for a deposit or letter of credit to be provided to Champlain Township in the amount of five per cent of the value of the works. In this case, that value is $79,012.50.

Vankleek Hill Valleys (Habitations Robert)

Champlain Township is amending its pre-servicing and subdivision agreement with Habitations Robert Inc. for Phase 1, which allows for the development of 32 residential lots and a stormwater management pond. The amendment is related to the sale of the property by Habitations Robert Inc. to another numbered company.

The pre-servicing agreement and the subdivision agreement had been accepted by Champlain Township but had not yet been signed, according to municipal clerk Alison Collard. Now, the agreements have to be amended as the agreements can be undertaken only with the land owner, which will now be a different company, due to internal restructuring on the part of the developer, according to Collard.

The first phase of the development includes 27 single residential lots and 12 semi-detached lots. Phase I is a section of the development which abuts the end of Higginson Street and Farmers Avenue.

The development, which will encompass about 270 homes, will be developed over 15 years in five phases.