10 Years ago
Ivaco’s future looks bright
The Review, March 14, 2012 – L’ORIGNAL – What a difference a year can make! Just last year the region was reeling as its largest employer, Ivaco Rolling Mills, announced it may have to close its L’Orignal plant. That uncertainty turned to celebration on Monday, March 12, as Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MP Pierre Lemieux and Gary Goodyear, minister of state for economic development, visited the plant and announced a $10-million investment.

25 Years Ago
Crunch will end years of tax breaks
The Review, March 12, 1997 – HAWKESBURY – The days of frozen taxes will soon be over for Hawkesbury ratepayers. For the past six years, the town has not increased its share of the property tax bill. But provincial grant cuts and imminent new burdens will for the municipality to up its mill rate in 1997, as it tries to lop almost $1 million from its $10 million budget.

50 Years Ago
Denis Ethier first to announce candidacy
The Review, March 9, 1972 – VANKLEEK HILL – In a visit to the EO Review, Denis Ethier announced his intention to stand as the Liberal candidate for the federal riding of Glengarry, Prescott and Russell at the next nomination meeting. Ethier, 45, is a long-term resident of Dalkeith, where he is the owner-operator of the Dalkeith Bakery.

75 Years Ago
Ayrshire cow gives birth to triplets
The Review, March 6, 1947 – L’ORIGNAL – Gypsy, an Ayrshire cow owned by Wilfred Cass, gave birth to three male calves on February 22. They are named Tom, Dick and Harry and weigh 55, 51 and 49 pounds. This cow has had five calves since March 30, 1946, as she gave birth to twins on that date. She also had one calf on April 18, 1945, so has had six calves. Gypsy will be four years old on April 10 and does not need a Baby Bonus, as up to date she has produced all the milk her three strong, healthy babies can drink.

100 Years Ago
Carillon dam appears to be reality
The Review, March 10, 1922 – CARILLON – The Carillon projected new dam appears to be a reality. A large number of men are now at work drilling the bottom of river rocks and making soundings to assure solid foundations for the structure. Reports are that it will take several years to build the dam and plant. Several thousand men to do so, besides about $40,000,000 to carry the work through. It’s no small enterprise anyway.

125 Years Ago
Railway record smashed
The Review, March 12, 1897 – NIAGARA FALLS – Another record was smashed on the Grand Trunk Railway on Saturday. The Wabash Express left Niagara Falls with six cars 47 minutes late. The run from Paris to London was made in 56 minutes. This includes four stops of three minutes each, 12 minutes in all, leaving the actual running time at 44 minutes for 49 miles.