Catherine and Alexandre Leroux were the winners of the scavenger hunt at the Champlain Winter Carnival.

The winners have been announced for contests held during the Champlain Winter Carnival during the month of February.

The virtual carnival, which ran from February 2 to 25, featured a number of activities, some outdoors and others where families were invited to participate on their own.

Among the events held during the month were a Snow Sculpture Contest, where families were asked to create their own designs. A Winter Scavenger Hunt invited township residents to find the five different Champlain Carnival wooden snowmen located in the township, and to take a selfie with their family and the snowman in each location.

The winners of the snow sculpture contest were:

  • Violet Chamberlain (8 years old) and her grandfather David Chamberlain who created ShinShan the Chinese Dragon in their backyard.
  • Class of Grade 6 of Saint-Jean-Baptiste Elementary School in L’Orignal.

The winners of the scavenger hunt were Catherine and Alexandre Leroux, who visited all five locations and snapped selfies to earn their prize.