To The Editor,

I am stunned by the number of letters you have received putting down the freedom convoy protest, to the point I wonder if a campaign is going on. And now it has become de rigueur in the media to dismiss the truckers, as in the last years it became obligatory to disparage Trump to prove one’s bona fides even in completely unrelated topics such as movie reviews.

Those silly, sinister protestors with hot tubs and bouncy castles goes the theme, as opposed to the Ukrainians (who I weep for) fighting for freedom. And yet I wonder how many Canadians would line up to defend their country as the Ukrainians are doing. According to Trudeau and so many others, our country has such a horrible history that it has no values.

Already forgotten is that if I had given $20 to support the demonstrators I would now have my bank account frozen and not be able to get a mortgage. So what if the Emergencies Act was enacted since we will have an inquiry later on? Alas it will probably be in a year, focused on eliminating right wing extremism, which is supposedly so wide spread in our country and packed with Liberals and NDPers.

Nicola Timmerman,