Plans continue in Russell Township to find a new namesake for the municipality. 

In July 2020, council approved a motion to begin a process to find a new Russell to name the township after, following the discovery that Peter Russell – whom the township chose at its namesake more than 200 years ago – was a slave owner who delayed efforts to abolish slavery in the British Empire.  

The township decided it would accept submissions of individuals with the first or last name Russell, who could become the new namesake. According to Mayor Pierre Leroux, citizens are being named to a committee, which will review the suggestions from residents. 

“The committee is basically a vetting committee,” Leroux said. 

The mayor said an event is planned for May 14, which will have a format similar to a school science fair. Participants will have the opportunity to display their suggestions and why their Russell should be the township’s new namesake. Residents who attend the event will be able to vote, but then council will have the final say on which Russell the township is named after.