A small percentage of truckers who initiated the idea of the convoy for exclusion from vaccinations mandate as enacted at border crossings by the Federal Government on recommendations of the scientific and medical communities –regardless of the same restrictions issued by the Americans, they decided to confront their arch enemy, the federal government, to exonerate themselves from complying with said mandate.
American-style politics is very evident within this protest and many Canadian individuals joined in without realizing what this event would develop into. An example is the individual dancing on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the defacing of the Terry Fox statue and urinating on the War Memorial. What an accomplishment. Now American politicians are involving themselves in supporting this protest. They certainly would be upset if we interfered in theirs, so to the Ted Cruse and others: stay the hell out of ours.

I completely understand Canadians’ frustration with the lockdowns to which we have all had to adhere. However, individual provinces have made their recommendations for opening up various commercial enterprises based upon receding hospitalization and the regression of the Omicron virus basically due to the high level of responsible individuals getting the “JAB”.

The Convoy/Occupation participants have now become a problem and aggravation for residents, employers and employees in the Parliamentary Core. Other cities such as Quebec City, Toronto as well as other locals, have not experienced the same occupation with exception to Coutts, Alberta.

I do not say this often, but I agreed with the Prime Minister’s comments in his televised address concerning the convoy and subsequent events, however the time is NOW for him to face the truckers and all and just say “NO TO DEMANDS……NOW GO HOME.”
Equal disappointment goes to the Conservative representatives who demonstrated support of this fiasco simply to attain voter support in the future. Think about it. Are Conservatives becoming a radical party similar to that south of the border? Reeks of TRUMPISM.

Jim Walsh, L’Orignal, On.