To The Editor,

In response to the query, “And where did he get that Trudeau is leading us to war stuff, well goodness only knows.” Try these headlines:

Russia – Ukraine tension: Canada focuses on deterrence (CTV)

UK gives Ukraine anti-tank weapons while Canada sends Special Forces (Al Jazeera)

A Canadian warship departed Halifax for the Black Sea near Russia (MSN)

Canada considering sending small arms to Ukraine (CBC)

Trudeau warns Moscow of serious consequences during special debate (CBC)

As for: ‘It has nothing to do with anybody’s rights and freedoms. It is a simple matter of community health and safety.’ I leave that to the eloquent voices of Mr. Brian Peckford and the tens of thousands of Canadians who have once again this weekend come out in multiple cities across the country to say ‘enough’.

To equate driving offences with vaccine passports is a straw man argument not worthy of taking space on this forum.

Acting like adults: The average age of a Canadian is around 42 years. Well into adult age. By that time folks should be able to discern what is right or wrong, safe or dangerous, and probably each would have a different level on those decisions. Some sky-dive. Some attach slippery boards to their feet and head down 60-degree slopes. Some delve deep into the ocean. Atheist or God-fearing. Meat eater or Vegan. All choices which hold consequences. All right or wrong from different points of view. The essence, beauty and danger of freedom lies in personal choice.

I firmly believe that Canadians are intelligent and caring enough that given straight information safety can be achieved without loss of freedom. Freedom gives the option for those who wish to lock down, isolate, vaccinate, etc, to do so. Equally to those who choose to live life openly, to not. Degrees of risk decided individually.

The yearning for freedom is accompanied by fear. Then fear is overcome by the desire for freedom. Like the first attempt at bike riding where fear of crashing is replaced by the joy of wheels. At the open hatch of a small plane for a solo jump. Desire for freedom overcomes fear, then comes the leap. On the top of Sunshine mountain looking down to where the ski slope disappears into cloud below, and the thought occurs that maybe the lift is the better way to the bottom. But the push-off is made, in the name of freedom. The end result of any of these examples could be disaster. In no case do they lead to being shunned.

From sea to sea people have made a choice and a leap. It is a special moment in Canada. When was the last time so many Canadian flags flew in Quebec City? Or Ottawa, and across the land? Thank a trucker.

Gordon Fraser