A small team of volunteers was busy repainting the gallery space set in beautiful Victorian home in preparation of this week’s reopening. The gallery’s first show of the year – ‘On Your Mark’ – will feature various drawings, paintings and illustrations by budding artists, ages four to young adult, from Art and Dream Studio in Vankleek Hill.

“We are so happy to welcome young artists for this show,” states Sylvie Bouchard of the gallery. “It is fitting to start the year with hope, given the theme of the 225th anniversary of the village.”

Show curator, Stephanie Pete has guided her students to prepare their artwork for display and, in some cases, even put it up for sale.

“The experience will be priceless”, Bouchard continues, “and it allows us to lay the foundation of a new initiative that will offer gallery space to some young artists, with guidance through the process by seasoned artists from our community.”

New series in the works for 2022

New this year, the Arbor Gallery calendar will present ‘Conversations with interesting people’. This series will feature authors, artists and diverse people who have a story to tell.

Authors, entrepreneurs and artists are already lined up for the series set to start on March 17. March will also present an exhibition by sculptor André Breau, as well as the first of the gallery’s Intimate Concerts series.

Gallery needs help from friends

Long pandemic closures over the last two years have had devastating effects on Arbor Gallery’s revenues and participation. This does not discourage Bouchard.

“Being able to hold virtual fundraiser this Saturday will definitely help a little. Although response has been disappointing somewhat, I am hopeful that our audience will come through to help us survive.”

On February 12, Master Magician and mentalist Lawrence Larouche and his team are presenting a fun and dynamic virtual show to raise funds for the Arbor Gallery. Information about this fun fundraiser can be found on the Arbor Gallery Facebook page. Tickets are sold on Eventbrite (access code on Arbor’s Event on Facebook page). Larouche is donating 50 per cent of proceeds to the gallery.

Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre is located at the heart of Vankleek Hill, 36 Home Avenue and can be reached at [email protected] – Information about the Virtual Magic show and On Your Mark exhibition can be found on the gallery’s Facebook page. Gallery hours for February are Thursday to Sunday, noon to 4 p.m. COVID-19 public health measures are in place.