Valentine’s Day is approaching and the song Love Me Tender takes on a different meaning when municipal government is involved. Champlain Township has released a list of tenders it plans to issue in 2022 and approximately when in each month they will be issued. Interested parties may subscribe to the township Bids and Tenders page to receive notification as soon as a tender is issued. 

Public Works Department 

Documents will be available for the following tenders around March 2022: 

  • Grass cutting and trimming 
  • Supply and delivery of winter sand 
  • Tree cutting and stump grinding 
  • King Street combined sewer separation and reconstruction project 
  • Engineering services for the reconstruction of Pattee Road and Eldemer Street intersection 

For further information, contact Sebastien Levesque, Director of Public Works . 

Parks and Recreation Department 

  • Construction of a garage at the L’Orignal Park, available around April 2022 
  • Food Truck at the L’Orignal Park, available around May 2022 
  • Engineering Services for the reconstruction of the Vankleek Hill arena ice rink, availability date to be determined 

Contact Lisa Burroughs, Director of Parks and Recreation for more information. 

Joint Procurement with the United Counties of Prescott and Russell 

  • Pickup Truck and SUV 
  • Hot mix paving and related road rehabilitation works 
  • Line painting 
  • Road signs 
  • Material testing engineering services 
  • Supply and delivery of culverts 
  • Supply and delivery of diesel fuels and unleaded gasoline 

Visit the United Counties of Prescott and Russell website for more information on the joint procurement. 

Joint Procurement with The Nation Municipality 

  • Liquid dust suppressant 

Visit The Nation’s website for more information on the joint procurement.