Beginning January 31, social and community life is set to start getting easier in Québec again. On January 25, Premier François Legault, Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé, and Interim Director of Public Health, Luc Boileau, announced the details of the changes, which will take place in two phases. 

Most of the changes will come into effect on Monday, January 31. The second phase, involving places of worship and public events (concert venues and cinémas, in particular), can begin from Monday, February 7. 

Depending on the evolution of the COVID-19-related epidemiological and hospital situation in Québec, further relaxations could be announced in the coming weeks. 

Private gatherings  

The occupants of two residences, or a maximum of four people, will be able to meet inside a private residence. It is strongly recommended that people be adequately vaccinated. 


Indoor dining will resume by allowing the occupants of two residences, or a maximum of four people, per table. Indoor dining capacity will be reduced to 50 per cent and compliance with a minimum distance of one metre between tables. 

Restaurants will have to stop selling alcohol at 11 p.m. and close their doors at midnight. 

Bars, taverns and casinos will remain closed for the time being. 

Sports and leisure 

Indoor sports or recreational activities, including lessons, will be permitted for persons under the age of 18. Activities limited to 25 people. No matches, competitions or tournaments are permitted. Only training is allowed, but food concessions may open. 

Ski chalets and snowmobile and quad relays: 

Opening of food courts at 50 per cent capacity and distance of one metre between tables. The indoor capacity will be limited to 50 per cent. 

Outdoor sports and leisure activities will be permitted without restriction. 

Teaching environments 

Access to recreation centres for sports-study programs. 

Reopening of training facilities for student athletes. 

Resumption of extracurricular activities (without matches, competitions or tournaments). The vaccination passport will be compulsory for people aged 13 and over. 

Opening of certain indoor locations with 50 per cent capacity (notably the Biodôme, Planetarium, aquariums, botanical gardens, insectariums, zoological gardens). 

Places of worship (from February 7) 

Buildings will be limited to 50 per cent capacity (maximum of 250 people) and proof of vaccination is required. 

Funerals (from February 7) 

Maximum 50 people for indoor funeral ceremonies and wakes without proof of vaccination required. 

Public events (including cinemas and performance halls) (from February 7) 

Inside: 50 per cent capacity, or maximum of 500 people: 

Compulsory vaccination passport. No intermission. 

Outside: capacity of 1,000 people, vaccination passport compulsory. 

Living environments for seniors 

Private residences for seniors (RPA): 

A maximum of four informal caregivers per day is permitted, and it is possible for a resident to receive two informal caregivers at a time. In the dining room, a caregiver can accompany a resident. 

Residential and long-term care centers (CHSLD) and intermediate resources that welcome seniors: 

One informal caregiver at a time is permitted, for a maximum of two informal caregivers per day. 

It should be noted that only adequately protected persons can have access to living environments.