“Discover a new community of interest beyond your smartphone.”

That’s the message the Glengarry Pioneer Museum hopes will attract a new generation of volunteers. It’s looking for fresh minds to help shape the museum’s future. Active minds with a budding interest in the history of Glengarry County. Minds open to discovering new ways to bring the the unique heritage of this region alive for people of all ages.

The Pioneer Museum is looking for curious, enthusiastic volunteers who want to get more involved in the community, practice or enhance their skills and even polish their resumé. Some of the volunteer opportunities include:

• Positions on the Executive Committee
• A seat at the Board of Directors’ table
• Openings on the fundraising committee, the event planning committee and others

But prospective volunteers needn’t worry. Accepting a role at the Glengarry Pioneer Museum isn’t a lifetime commitment. They’re urged try it on for just one season… and see how it fits. The museum promises they won’t be bored.

For more information, visit GlengarryPioneerMuseum.ca. Or better yet, call the museum at 613-527-5230, or email your questions to [email protected].