Further details are now available on a wetland conservation program by South Nation Conservation (SNC) in collaboration with Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC). 

The partnership is a result of DUC securing a $375,000 federal grant for wetland restoration on 225 acres on properties across the jurisdiction of SNC for the next three years. 

SNC Stewardship Team Lead Michelle Cavanagh said most of the projects being planned are on public land but there is potential to work with private landowners if the project meets SNC’s and DUC’s goals. 

The main goal of our partnership with DUC is to create more wetland habitat,” Cavanagh explained.  “We are looking for properties where wetlands could be created or significantly restored – not so much for properties where there is an existing wetland.”

Presently, SNC and DUC are developing a wetland restoration project with one private landowner. Cavanagh said there are up to 12 SNC-owned properties being considered for potential projects. The first two SNC-owned properties where projects will take place are on Route 300 East and Route 400 East in La Nation.  

“We are happy to chat with any landowners who are interested in the project and would potentially like to do work on their properties,” Cavanagh said. 

For further information, landowners may contact SNC at 1-877-984-2948 or [email protected]