The Town of Hawkesbury has a new Chief Building Official. 

On November 29, council approved hiring Daniel Tessier as the new head building inspector for the municipality. 

Former Chief Building Official Marc-André Decoeur resigned at the beginning of November. On October 19, council had decided to deviate from its regular recruitment policy to expedite filling the vacant position. A new contract for the employment of a Chief Building Official was approved by council on December 2. 

According to a report prepared by Director of Human Resources and Chief Administrative Officer Dominique Dussault, Tessier is fully qualified as a Chief Building Official and has many years of experience in municipal building services. 

Water line warranty program 

The approximately 4,000 residential water customers in the Town of Hawkesbury now have access to a warranty program if anything goes wrong with the pipe that connects their home to the municipal watermain. 

On November 29, council approved a by-law authorizing an agreement with Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC), giving the company the right to use the Hawkesbury municipal logo to advertise its service to residential water customers. 

Property owners are responsible for the repair and replacement of water pipes connecting their homes to the municipal system. According to a report from Superintendent of Environmental Services Martin Perron, most residential insurance companies do not cover water line repair or replacement. Whenever a property owner requires water line work, they usually contact the Department of Environmental Services, which then instructs the property owner to contact a local plumbing contractor. In order to reduce the costs to property owners, the SLWC program allows them to pay a monthly fee to cover expenses with water line repair and replacement whenever the need arises. 

“It’s been approved by most municipalities in Eastern Ontario,” said Perron. 

Those municipalities include Casselman and Ottawa. 

The agreement with SLWC will not cost the Town of Hawkesbury anything because the service is paid for by customers who choose to use it. Perron also advised property owners to make sure water line repair and replacement is not covered by their property insurance policy before deciding to purchase SLWC services. SLWC only uses local contractors to perform work on its behalf.