The judges of the Vankleek Hill Winter Wonderland of Lights competition have made their decision, after visiting properties on Sunday evening (December 12).

The winners in the ‘Best Use of Lights’ category are as follows: First place (winning $500 in Vankleek Hill bucks) – Shannon Renaud of 38 Derby Avenue; Second place (winning $250 in Vankleek Hill bucks) – Darryl and Linda Lepage of 39 Union Street and Third place – Heather Connors of 31 Derby Avenue (winning $100 in Vankleek Hill bucks).

In the ‘Eco’ category, which invited property owners to use environmentally-friendly decorations, or repurposed items, the winners are: First place (winning $500 in Vankleek Hill bucks) – Helen and Marty Kaufman of 48 Derby Avenue; Second place (winning $250 in Vankleek Hill bucks) – Ingrid Spindelmann and Stephen Sharp of 90 Higginson Street and in Third place – Reg and Rosemary Harden of 50 Derby Avenue (winning $100 in Vankleek Hill bucks).

Winners can collect their prizes at The Review offices as of December 16. Vankleek Hill bucks can be spent at participating Vankleek Hill businesses and these ‘shop-local’ bucks are an initiative of the Vankleek Hill Business and Merchant Association, which organized this contest, with support from local business sponsors.

Here is the complete list of addresses of contest entries.

Note that the entries are more or less grouped by street for your convenience. Eco-category entries are marked with a double asterisk **.

134 High Street
117 Pendleton Street
262 Main Street East
19 Main Street West
65 Main Street West
121 Home Avenue
38 Derby Avenue
31 Derby Avenue
42 Derby Avenue
48 Derby Avenue, **
50 Derby Avenue, **
The homeowners write: Corner of Higginson and Derby – make sure you see both side and front of house.

90 Higginson Street, **
The homeowners write: “Our inspiration, entitled “Santa’s little helper” contains upcycled materials, thrift shop clothing and multiple Beau’s Beer cans that our “helper” intends to recycle.

60 Union Street, **
The homeowners write: “We are building a St. Nicholas figure, life-size, over the top of our rose bush! All materials are either naturally foraged or recycled items from our garage or attic …. Nothing has been purchased. It will not be a modern “Santa Claus” but rather a more traditional “woodsy” St. Nicholas . . . . we hope!

94 Grout Street
39 Union Street
34 Jay Street
3735 McLennan Road
5531 Highway 34
4365 Highway 34

This year’s prize money is being provided by eight local businesses: Etude Légale Robert Tolhurst Law Office, I-Team Home Inspections, Vankleek Hill Foodland, St. Pierre Construction, Wylie Property Maintenance, Hillcrest Funeral Home, The Review and Louise Sproule Real Estate.

In tandem with this event, a ‘Giving Tree’ has been installed in the Philip Arber Memorial Park at the main intersection of Vankleek Hill (right next to the Vankleek Hill Creating Centre). The Vankleek Hill BMA is encouraging people to donate to their favourite local charity, helping others in need or local residents can make a donation to the Vankleek Hill Food Bank. The Creating Centre is accepting non-perishable food items during the holiday season. Cheques made out to the Vankleek Hill Food Bank or the Community Assistance Fund Enterprise, which manages the food bank, will be accepted. Charitable donation receipts will be mailed out to donors who have donated more than $10. (Please ensure that your mailing address accompanies cheque donations.) The BMA thanks Samme Putzel and the Creating Centre for their cooperation.

The Vankleek Hill Business and Merchant Association is a not-for-profit organization run entirely by volunteers, primarily business owners.

If you own a business and would like to find out more, email: [email protected] .