10 Years ago
Beau’s home-delivery shut down
The Review, November 30, 2011 – VANKLEEK HILL – A home delivery partnership between Beau’s All-Natural Brewery Co. and an Ottawa-based charity was shut down on its first day of operation by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). The AGCO informed Beau’s and the charity, Operation Come Home, that they could not continue the service because of a provincial regulation that states beer cannot be delivered when purchased directly from a microbrewery.

25 Years Ago
Computer bus for teachers
The Review, December 4, 1996 – HAWKESBURY – Teachers in Prescott-Russell will get hands-on experience on contemporary computers and software this June, when a mobile computer centre tours the county. Board of Education Director Don Farrow said he learned of the service through the public school boards association.

50 Years Ago
1971 VKH Ladies’ Curling news
The Review, December 1, 1971 – VANKLEEK HILL – Helen Dunsmore’s rink made a clean sweep in the Rolling Stones competition, winning all their games to take home the top prize. Helen’s winning team was made up of Carol Lee, Shirley Vedan and Geraldine Atwood. Joyce Oswald’s foursome came in second. Playing with Joyce were Carol Hall, Marg Tait and Agnes Brock. Third place went to the team of Lillias MacPhee, followed by the teams of Pat McBain, Linda McRae, Shirley Folkard and Marianne MacDonald.

75 Years Ago
Three sentenced to prison for car theft
The Review, December 5, 1946 – L’ORIGNAL – Three young men received penitentiary terms ranging from two to three years for the theft of an auto in Vankleek Hill last October. The case arose when the trio stole the car belonging to C.C. McKinnon of Vankleek Hill. Soon following, they were apprehended near Alexandria. Two of the young men were sentenced to three years and the third to two years in Kingston Penitentiary.

100 Years Ago
First social gathering at Riverest
The Review, December 2, 1921 – L’ORIGNAL – The first social gathering held at Riverest, the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Kirby, on Wharf Street, was largely attended by a large number of those from Hawkesbury and L’Orignal. All present reported a most enjoyable time and the continuance of these will not doubt be appreciated and prove popular amongst the elite of our surrounding towns.

125 Years Ago
Troublemaker finds more trouble
The Review, December 4, 1896 – VANKLEEK HILL – A railroad navvie named Sullivan had his face terribly cut and pounded in a free-for-all fight on Tuesday afternoon. He is the same man who was sent down to L’Orignal jail a short time ago by the police magistrate, but his sojourn there does not appear to have done any good.