Wow! Big moon, Mommy!

At the end of September, my little farmer was completely fascinated by the enormous harvest moon, rising beautifully above our farm. He was so mesmerized by it; it was hard to convince him to come in for bed. We had to make sure he could still see it’s mightiness from his bedroom window. Every night since he asks “Where moon go?”, always searching for it from his perch in his windowsill.

When I began thinking of what some of my parenting goals would be, one was to ensure that my child learns to appreciate the beauty nature has to offer us. I want him to notice the changes, and the beauty in his surroundings. To respect, appreciate and be inspired by them. The pride I felt in seeing his excitement over the moon and stars completely filled my heart. It made me realize that already, only two years in, I have begun to achieve that goal.

We are never too young or too old to look to the skies, to seek guidance from the Man on the Moon. It’s a positive way to encourage our little ones’ imaginations, to broaden their minds, and perhaps make them feel protected. If they know that there is always someone watching over them, then they perhaps will sleep better at night – dreaming of the wonders in the sky.

The moon and the stars are like billions of eyes and ears just waiting to hear our stories, glisten in our tears, and shine down on our smiles. They are a beautiful magic. Those of use who live in the country are especially lucky to be able to truly experience their magnificent beauty on clear, crisp nights!

As the seasons continue to change, temperatures drop and the days get shorter, we may not be able to lay in the grass to talk to or watch the wonders in the sky, but at least they come out earlier now. Take the time to point out the Big and Little Dippers to your loved ones. Tell them the stories you’ve heard of the Man on the Moon. Ignite their imaginations, intrigue a passion for nature’s beauty and mysteries. I feel I create a sense of peace and a true connection with my little man when we slow down from our busy lives and just watch the skies together. No distractions from social media or other electronics, just us and Mother Nature’s beauty.

On the next clear night, instead of watching a tv show together before bed, go stand on your porches, wrapped in a blanket (or 10) and watch the moon rise above the trees. Get lost in its wonder. Read a book together by the window, using the moon’s bright rays as light. The moon and the stars want to hear your bedtime stories too before they dance about for the night.

There are so many magnificent features of mother nature that come along with the cooler weather. Don’t always use the cold as an excuse to stay inside. Get out with your loved ones, embrace the changes and teach them to look forward to them.

We can learn so much from Mother Nature and the Man on the Moon. We just have to open our eyes and minds a little bit more in order to soak in their lessons.