To the Editor:

In responding to the letter to the editor sent by Mr. Gordon Fraser (October 27, 2021) regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, I am struck by the thought that he, as an intelligent man which I’m sure he is, is being amazingly disingenuous.

First, and despite the frantic efforts of anti-vaccination people to make it so, the issue of getting or not getting vaccinated has nothing to do with anyone’s rights, as I’m sure he knows. No one’s ‘moral lines’ are being crossed. It is a health and safety issue, pure and simple.

Your rights have not been violated if you are not allowed to drive your car at whatever speed you like through a school safety zone. Driving your car in that manner would greatly increase the danger of death or injury to other members of the community and so it is not allowed. Perfectly logical and no one’s ‘rights’ are suggested to have been violated.

Those refusing to vaccinate – yet who also demand complete access to public spaces such as restaurants, gyms, sporting events, movie theatres – are, by so doing so, knowingly increasing the risk of sickness or death to other members of the community. Their being denied that access has nothing to do with rights: their’s, or anybody else’s. It is a simple matter of the community’s health and safety.

Secondly, and as I am quite certain that Mr. Fraser is well aware, the anti-Covid vaccines, which do indeed protect, have been a huge game changer. Can someone fully vaccinated still catch the virus, still transmit the virus, still die from the virus? Absolutely. We have no silver bullet as yet. But, and I am sure that someone as clever as Mr. Fraser no doubt knows, the chances of the fully vaccinated person catching, passing on or dying from the virus are vastly, by many orders of magnitude, reduced. If someone chooses to not be vaccinated “stay(ing) true to faith and conscience” and so putting others at risk, then they should fully expect to do so looking in from the outside. And, I believe, Mr. Fraser knows this too.

Colin Affleck